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This website is brought to you and paid for by Queen Annabella of the Prairie Wrinkles. You are a supporter if you are a Red Hatter! There is no cost to you.

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The purpose of the website is to try to keep you all up to date on what is going on that might be of interest to Red Hatters. If you know of an event, please email the info to [email protected]

It will be posted as soon as possible ! 

Our Manitoba Red Hat Provincial web site will acquaint all Red Hatters with events taking place in Friendly Manitoba and provide an opportunity for them to experience Manitoba Hospitality. This web site contains pertinent information for all Red Hat Chapters and was created to help Red Hat Chapters in Manitoba locate events and information relative to Red Hatters out to have fun throughout the province and occasionally beyond.

Check our calendar to see what is coming up!

This is where you have the opportunity to share with other chapters - news, information and invitations for upcoming events, as well as activities enjoyed by your chapter. It is hoped that all members will find this a means for easier communication between chapters and that it is informative and fun. This web site is for all of us, so please use it to keep others informed about events taking place in Manitoba.

For more information on Red Hatting worldwide please visit the Red Hat Society's homepage

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