Manitoba Chapters of the Red Hat Society



A roster of all REGISTERED Red Hat chapters in Manitoba has been compiled and will be maintained.

  • To protect you and maintain your privacy, we have only listed your town/city, chapter’s name, Queen’s first name only, and indicated whether the Queen can be contacted by email. No email address has been listed.

  • This roster will assist Queens to introduce themselves and their chapters and enable members in contacting one another.

  • If you wish to contact a chapter, please send email to [email protected] and  if we have the address, a  message will be forwarded to he Queen and she will contact you So simple! If we do not have the address, we will try to contact others who might be able to provide it for you!

  • If you are a new chapter to our sisterhood, or perhaps find that your chapter has been omitted from the roster, please email the information to [email protected]. We do not want you to miss out on any invitations!

  • Since new chapters are continually being formed and registered we will endeavor to keep our roster up-to-date as best we can.The information in this roster will be utilized only for Red Hat activities and not for commercial purposes.

Want to Contact a Chapter … In Manitoba?

  • If you contact us with your request, we will forward your request on to the desired chapter.

Want to Contact a Chapter … Anywhere in the World?

  • Check out the Red Hat Society's main page.

  • This will take you to the Red Hat Society Website Home Page.

  • On the left had sidebar of their Home Page, find “How to Join” and click on "Chapter Search".

  • Click on the Province, State or Country.

  • Be sure to click that you agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the box.

  • Follow the instructions until you click on the city or town where you would like to contact a chapter.

  • You will see a list of chapters in the area.

  • Click on the words “Contact This Chapter”. A dialogue box appears.

  • Enter your contact information.

  • Scroll down to the space below where you can write a message. We recommend you write a message, otherwise the Queen will think you wish to join and the chapter may be closed to new members. A message is more likely to get the response you are looking for.

  • Doing this has enabled chapterettes to arrange to meet up with other Red Hatters when they have been travelling.

Manitoba Red Hat Chapters List (May 2015)
Treasures of Thyme     Beausejour    Q.Sandra

Monterey Scarlet Sisters     Brandon    Q. Arletta

Brandon Red Hat Peppers     Brandon    Q.Verna

Red Whiners      East St. Paul    Q.Shannon

Good Time Ladies of The Lake      Erickson    Q.Linda

Red Bucket Babes      Eriksdale    QSandra

Bison Babes     Garson    Q. Brenda

Bling Sisters        Winnipeg    Q. Rosie

Ladies of the Lake     Gimli    Q. Diane

Red Hat Gals Of Hartney      Hartney    Q.Jeanette

Red Hat Peppers of Holland     Holland    Q. Alice

Delice aux Frambois     LaBroquerie    Q. Laura

Classy Lassies     Oakbank    Q. Phylis

Pipestone & Area RH Divas     Reston    Q. Jean

Flaming Flickas     Winnipeg    Q. Nancy

Rocky Red Hotz     Wanless    Q. Linda

The Gregarious Garnets     Selkirk    Q. Joanne

Foxie Roxies     Stonewall    Q. Carol

The Quarry Quties     Stonewall    Q. Bonnie

Red Hat Rubies     Treherne    Q. Bonnie

Red Hat Swingers     Treherne    Q. Isabelle

Frankly Scarlet     Virden    Q. Joan

Cinnamon Hearts     Winnipeg    Q.Gloria

The Chic "Ettes"     Winnipeg     Q. Judy

Garnet Glove     Winnipeg    Q. Joyce

Dazzleberries     Winnipeg    Q. Ellen

Divalilcious     Winnipeg    Q.Joy

Gypsy Rose Hatters                          Winnipeg     Q.Leola

Blossoms In Purple     Winnipeg     Q. Lois

Krazy Aces     Winnipeg    Q. Muriel

Ladies of Distinction     Winnipeg    Q. Eleanor

Lavender Lassies     Winnipeg     Q. Charlene

Passionate Purples     Winnipeg    Q. Karen

Prairie Chicks     Winnipeg    Q. Ruth

Red Baronasses     Winnipeg    Q. Marge

Red Hat Divas     East St.Paul    Q. Darlene

Red Hat Flashes     Winnipeg    Q. Gloria

Red H'Atitudes of Transcona     Winnipeg    Q. Linda

Red Red Robins     Winnipeg    Q. Thelma

Red River Operators     Winnipeg    Q. Veronica

Red River Roses     Winnipeg    Q. Linda

Red Rose Petals      Winnipeg    Q.Maria

Scarlet Primper Belles     Winnipeg    Q. Monique

River Heights RH Rebels     Winnipeg    Q. Lynn

Rockin Reds     Winnipeg    Q. Linda

St. James Rhinestones     Winnipeg    Q. Emily

The Cinnamon Heart Nurses     Winnipeg    Q. Sandra

Red Farrarris     Winnipeg    Q. Lynn

Red Hat Flamingos     Winnipeg    Q.Cathie

The Ladies Of Quali(Tea)     Winnipeg    Q.Sherry

Traveling Tiaras QC     Winnipeg     Q.Allofus

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