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Manitoba’s Queens’ Council Connection (QCC)
QCC: Promotes fun, friendship and frivolity to all those in attendance through meeting and networking with each other.

Purpose: to bring provincial chapter Queens closer together - 1) to share regional information, ideas and events, 2) to discuss issues, 3) to solve concerns that may arise, 4) most importantly – to make new friends.

It is important to note that no one person runs, or is in control of the Queens’ Council (QC). It is for ALL Queens and Vice-Queens to share with one another. Each Queen will be treated as a Royal equal. No hierarchy will exist. No one is to delegate authority over others. It contradicts both the spirit and casual structure of the RHS.

Manitoba’s QCC doors are open to ALL Queens of Red Hat chapters in Manitoba who are REGISTERED with the Red Hat Society (Hatquarters) in Fullerton, California. Each Queen and Vice-Queen (or representative) attending our QCC must provide her chapter’s registration number when registering.

Attendance: Limited to two per chapter (normally the chapter Queen and her Vice-Queen or alternate as directed by the Queen), as space becomes an issue when making the necessary arrangements to accommodate the QCC gatherings.

Benefits: The opportunity to meet some really wonderful and wacky women who have verve, personality and creativity to share with others.

Hosting: All QCC are to be non-profit events with a fee charged only to cover the venue, program and food served. Any chapter may host a QCC. The host chapter chooses the location, date and program, and sends out invitations.  They then collect registration fees. Hosting a gathering might take the form of a tea party, brunch, luncheon, dessert party, and, depending upon the number attending, may be held in a home, church basement, golf club, restaurant, etc., on any day that is convenient.

Registration to attend a QCC takes place well in advance to assist with coordinating the event. Registration fees are non-refundable.

If you are a Queen of a Red Hat Chapter in Manitoba and have never attended a QCC gathering, you are highly encouraged to come out and play with your sisters. You truly need to make plans to join us soon   -   and spread the word to other Red Hat Chapter Queens, too! With your help we will bring all Red Hat Chapters together for fun and friendship here in our province.


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