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 The Red Hat Society is a nurturing network of women, over the age of 50 (and some not yet there), with a need for solidarity, fun and friendship. As Red Hatters, we consider ourselves to be ‘women of strength,’ who have  lived, learned and now meet to share our life experiences while having fun doing so. We believe that aging should be something anticipated with excitement, not something to be dreaded and we want to celebrate where we’re at now! Becoming a member of the RHS movement definitely enhances our image as women of middle age. We’re out to enjoy ourselves, meet new friends and form lasting friendships instead of curling up and rusting! We’re intent on “spreading Red Hat cheer to ladies who have come of age!”

In the spirit of having hatitude, here are some fun facts about Red Hatters:

  • Disresponsibilities: To dress up and have fun! To take time away from our daily responsibilities to enjoy meeting new friends and laughing a lot
  • We celebrate the power of sisterhood because any gal can come and play!
  • We have an official sport – Shopping, of course!
  • Our official instrument is the kazoo. Why you ask? Because anyone can play one! The kazoo is easy to play, very inexpensive and can be a lot of fun. If you can hum, you can play a kazoo! And if you can stop giggling, you can even make a tune.
  • Meetings? Hatters don’t have meetings (these are considered boring!). We prefer gatherings, events, hoots, get-togethers, rendezvous, luncheons, tea parties and large galas.
  • Rules? Only one – There are no rules. But we do have some common sense guidelines. Simply put, one must be a woman over 50 to wear red & purple, and are expected to attend functions in full regalia. Don’t worry if you’re under 50, we still have a place for you.  (See Red Wear)


Choosing a Title. We are all Royalty so anything goes! Here are a few examples!

Duchess    Countess   Baroness        Grand Duchess   Madame

Lady          Queen       Empress         Tsarina               Dame

Princess     Marquess  Viscountess    Kaiserin              Queen Mother


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